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Worldwide shipping, warehousing and value-added services -

Our services are offered to provide a total solution to your logistics needs. These services are mutually complimentary, and integrate with other elements of the value chain (plan, source, and make).

GLS can accommodate Just-In-Time deliveries, deliveries to remote and rural areas, as well as residential deliveries. We also support integrated order management, eCommerce shipping solutions, and can coordinate shipments to and from outsource suppliers/contract manufacturers for outsourced companies.

Reverse Logistics is an important, but often overlooked, consideration when integrating a supply chain. GLS can work with your organization to establish ties to your return material authorization (RMA) process, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, internal as well as third party repair service centers, and provide links to the original order shipment.

GLS works closely with your transportation and shipping departments to assist in building the best processes, selecting the right transportation modes, and choosing reliable shippers to satisfy your company's individual logistics needs. GLS not only works with you to develop and optimize your process, but we stay with you as your logistics partner to ensure cost effectiveness, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Because Global Logistics Solutions is independent of the major shipping and transportation providers, GLS is free to select the best mode, provider, and handling options to custom tailor the logistics process to your unique requirements.

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