A Guide To Sourcing A Water Damage Contractor For Your Flooded Property

How To Deal With Water Damage On Your Property

One of the nightmares for every homeowner would be a flood scenario. While we can take steps to prevent water entering our home, there is a network of water pipes running through your property, all under pressure and should a pipe burst in the upstairs bathroom, this could be a very costly repair.

In this article, we will offer advice on how to deal with water damage, which will hopefully prepare you should the worst ever happen.

Shutting Off The Water Supply

The moment you discover a leak in your home, you must immediately turn off the water supply and if you don’t know where the stop valve is, now is the best time to investigate. You don’t want to waste any time when shutting off the water.

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Make note of the damage and search online for flood restoration services Portsmouth or the city you are living in has. Go for the one who understands that time is of the essence and would send a mobile team to your home to see what can be done.

Check For Online Customer Reviews

When looking at contractors who specialise in water damage restoration, read the online customer reviews, as this is a good indication of the service you can expect, should you decide to hire the company. Browse their website and make sure they are an accredited contractor with the resources to handle even a big project and you should be able to chat with an employee during business hours.

An established company would have an emergency number, which you should call regardless of the time of day. They should be able to send a team within minutes rather than hours.

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Preparing For The Contractor’s Arrival

Once you have made the call and water is turned off at the mains, you can remove furniture items and clear spaces for the team to work and when they do arrive, they will spring into action and estimate the repair cost while onsite. If the team has any special requests, they would make you aware before their arrival, although they have everything they need to do their work. For more tips on dealing with a flood emergency, there are related articles you can find through a Google search.

Insurance Assessments

If your home is insured, then you should document every aspect of the damage, with images and video that clearly show the damage, which might help you with your claim. Of course, the contractor would be able to help regarding insurance claims and if you don’t currently have insurance to cover property damage by fire or flood, this is something you should remedy. If you search online for property insurance brokers, you will find an online insurer who can offer instant cover, which brings peace of mind.

Make the best use of available space for temporarily storing furniture and appliances, while the contractor would also have secure storage space at their facility and the sooner you call in the damage control experts like https://www.leakdetectioncompany.co.uk/, the better.  

Annual plumbing and drain inspections would reveal weak joints or other defects and any repairs should be carried out swiftly, which is the cheapest solution.