Aluminium Scrap: Where Does It Go?

Aluminium Scrap: Where Does It Go?

Aluminium was regarded as a wonder metal when it was first discovered by a Danish scientist in 1825 and it soon replaced steel in many applications, especially aircraft, which need to be light and have a lot of tensile strength.

Of course, one of the most common uses of aluminium is the beer or soft drink can and if you are a serious craft beer drinker, you probably get through quite a lot of cans and you should crush them and start a collection. Aluminium recycling is a thriving sector and all scrap metal dealers would accept all forms of aluminium – cans, door and window frames, old furniture and many other items that contain aluminium.

Cash For Scrap Aluminium

The good news is that you can sell aluminium scrap for cash in Sydney or anywhere else in the world. Search online for a nearby leading scrap metal dealer and that will take you to the website of a local scrap metal dealer who would be happy to pay you a visit, weigh your scrap aluminium and pay you the going per kg rate in cash. You will get a better price if the aluminium is sorted (other materials removed), but if that’s not possible, the dealer will still pay you a good price by weight for your scrap copper.

Where Does It Go?

The small scrap dealer would sort the scrap at their yard, then, when a certain amount has been prepared, it is taken to an aluminium recycling plant. Larger scrap metal dealers would have an in-house recycling division and the smelted metal is cast into industry ingots and sold to factories that manufacture aluminium products.

How It Is Recycled

Prior to melting the aluminium, it is cleaned and paint is removed. It is then melted down (at a low temperature) and is cast into industrial ingots. The ingots are delivered to special milling plants where the metal is rolled out into sheets of varying thickness, ready for the manufacturer. In a matter of weeks, an empty beer can is recycled and back on the shelves; such is the efficiency of the recycling process.

High Percentage Recycled

The recycling industry provides essential raw materials that help us to reduce the need for ore mining; it makes total sense to recycle and with today’s methods, most materials can be recycled and reused. Scrap metal dealers are proud that they are able to recycle around 90% of everything collected, which is a far cry from the 50% of the 1970s.

Whether you store empty beer cans or have aluminium window frames you no longer need, a Google search will help you locate a scrap metal dealer who is happy to pay you a visit and pay you top dollar for your scrap aluminium. There are those that collect empty drink cans in their local community and this soon adds up to a significant amount that would fetch a good price. You can watch the per kg price and choose to sell when the price is high.

More and more aluminium is being recycled and you should take a look around your home and see what you have.