Is There A Right Time To Recycle Scrap Metal?

Is There A Right Time To Recycle Scrap Metal?

At the turn of the century, we started to take the environment seriously. Having spent an eternity abusing the planet, we finally realised that those precious natural resources are indeed limited. Enter the recycling industry, which had always been there and there was a sudden renewal in efforts to re-use materials, especially metals, which does provide a significant portion of metal for manufacturing. The fact is most people have scrap metal of some form or other in their home. Scrap jewellery is a fine example and, while old PCs contain a whole range of metals, all of which can be recycled. The ability to recycle has reached the point where the average scrap metal dealer actually recycles 90% of the metals that pass through his hands.

The Annual Spring Clean

The yearly deep-clean is the best time to see what you have in terms of recyclable metal, which really helps by removing stuff that should not be put back into your home. If you happen to find a few radiators and copper pipe left over from that bedroom renovation, contact a Sydney scrap copper buyer or one in your local area who would be happy to pop round in his van and pay you top prices for your copper. Just leave everything in the driveway and when he arrives, he will weigh the scrap metal and pay you in dollars. With a handshake, the dealer is on his way to the nearest recycling plant.


If you have recently had the kitchen renovated, there will be a lot of scrap to remove, indeed, any home improvement project will generate waste and some of it is worth money. Old kitchen appliances are mainly made from metal. If you don’t feel like taking it apart, feel free to contact a dealer near you and they will be happy to pick it up at your location.

Selling Up

If you decided to take that promotion and have to relocate to another part of the country, this is a good time to gather all unwanted items that contain metal. It is rather pointless to pay good money to have stuff you don’t use taken to your new home and you will be surprised at how much stuff you have accumulated over the years. If the amount of scrap is too much to handle, worry not as there is a scrap metal collection Newcastle team that a lot of property owners rely on.


If you have a limited budget for Xmas gifts, you might have a few dollars in scrap metal laying around the house. If you have lived at your current address for many years, there is bound to be unwanted items and if selling them as recyclable materials will bring you extra cash when you need it, why not? If your partner’s birthday is just around the corner, why not see how much you can get for the unwanted items in your home?

Many would say that anytime is a good time to recycle things you don’t use. They may have a point, especially when you consider that your local scrap metal dealer is prepared to go to the trouble of collecting your scrap, and paying you for the privilege.