How To Prepare Your Home For An Adopted Kitten

Believe it or not, it’s actually plenty stressful to be caring for a cat too. They have their own needs and they are very different from us humans. And just like babies, they can’t actually tell us what they need. Most of the time THEY don’t even know what THEY need. So it’s our job to figure that out by ourselves and prepare. After all, if we decide to have a pet, then we should take responsibility, right? And this, of course, includes preparing the house for the new cat to arrive and start living there.

Food and treats

For the easy transition for your new kitten, stick to the kind of food that he or she is used to so it can get comfortable. Then gradually, slowly change it up to the higher quality food that you will be feeding it with from now on. Treats, of course, if you want to earn your cat’s love and respect. We all know how difficult they can be compared to dogs.

Water bowls

How else are they going to feed themselves or hydrate themselves easily? Put them in a place that is easy to access for them. Make sure that it is also not in the way when you yourself or your family walk by so it doesn’t spill and break your cat’s heart. Remember to always refill it and replace the water as much as possible.

Collar with ID tag

Make sure that this one not only has its name but also your address and your phone number just in case it gets lost somewhere and a random person finds it. If you wish to make the collar personalised and classy then you are free to do so, of course, to let everyone know that your cat has taste despite it being an animal.

Cat bed

Where else are you going to let it sleep? Sure, it might be possible that it’s going to sleep anywhere the hell it wants but that doesn’t mean you should encourage it. Get a proper one that not just fits the whole aesthetic to your indoors but also comfy enough for your cat that can also be considered as a throne.

Cat toys, Cat brush and Cat litter box

The toys are self-explanatory as well as the litter box (so it doesn’t lay waste to your flooring and other surfaces you REALLY don’t want it to) but the brush is for grooming. Depending on the cat you will get, you might need a particular brush for the cat. All in all, all cats need a good brushing every now and then.

Scratching post or strips

Cats like to scratch at things. So if you don’t want it to destroy your walls and couch then you should buy it a scratching post.