Choosing Antique Walnut Furniture

Why Go For Antique Walnut Furniture

Antique walnut furniture can make a beautiful addition to any home; however, it’s not as easy to spot fake antiques as it is to find authentic pieces.

Of course you can go to your local antique store and look at the furniture they have in stock, but there are those that offer walnut furniture that is in particularly good shape and albeit counterfeit, you might think they’re selling an antique. Still, genuine older antique walnut furniture does not need any high-tech equipment to determine its age, and it’s important you learn how to spot these items before heading over to any store.

Antique Walnut Veneers

Antique walnut veneers are actually more distinguishable than their wood-grain neighbors. The veneers are simply large pieces of thin-set walnut that have been carefully glued and laid on top of a previous piece of wood, or sometimes metal, to create the impression of a wooden core. The grain is still there, but it’s thinned out and masked over. Veneers have a very distinctive look, almost like an old photograph.

Distinct Features

Many antique walnut furniture pieces have some very striking features. For example, solid walnut is known for its unusual coloration. Walnut has red, orange, and browns, as well as gray, shades of blue, black, and gold. Even if an antique piece looks similar to a modern antique walnut furniture piece, it may still have been created using different woods, or even entirely different types of woods! Don’t be fooled: antique furniture from the 1800’s may look identical to furniture of today, but it probably still wasn’t created from the same walnut wood used today.

Antique Furniture Is Offered At A Higher Price Range

If you’re thinking about buying antique walnut, don’t be fooled into thinking it’s an inexpensive antique. True walnut veneers are very expensive. The same applies to real antique furniture made from other woods. Genuine antique walnut is extremely heavy, solid, and dense, and each veneer is individual. That means no two veneers in the same room will look exactly the same.

Why Go For Antique Walnut Furniture

If the look doesn’t interest you much, but you do want a sturdy antique walnut piece, you should still go to an antique or vintage furniture shop online or even to your nearby store and see what they have on offer. Walnut veneers may not be so difficult to find, and there may be many different veneer options available, but antique or vintage furniture pieces are known for their durability as they were all built to last for years. You can find just the right look for your space. Walnut veneers are also very easy to clean, so your furniture will continue to look like new for years to come.

If you’re looking for antique walnut furniture, you have several options. If you want furniture that resembles older, more traditional styles, you can also try checking antique furniture auction sites online. Many times you’ll be able to find antique furniture with current low prices, and if you’d rather get more recent pieces, there are plenty of online offered at great prices.