Home Maintenance Checklist For The Winter Season

Meta description: With winter finally upon us, do you know what you’re supposed to do to keep your house properly maintained? Here is our checklist to help you out.

Since it’s winter, there isn’t really we can do during it so the best we can do is prepare before it happens. So during autumn, make sure that you take care of some of the things that needs tending before basically going into hibernation. After that, there are a few chores that ought to be done when snow finally tries to take over your neighbourhood. It’s going to be a little harder than the chores done during the other seasons, but if it doesn’t get done then everyone suffers. Might as well get it over with, right?

Bring out your snow blower

If you don’t want to shovel your way through the road when you inevitably go to work then you better go make sure that your snow blower is in good working condition. As much as we would want to, we can’t exactly stay indoors for the entire 3 months at all times. If we can, then we wouldn’t probably leave our yard to the snow storm and won’t bother with it until spring comes.

Stock up on supplies

Like I said, hibernating. We wouldn’t leave out houses if we can help it, right? Well this time, we CAN help it. To avoid having to leave the house to go buy food for the day, it’s best if you stock up on it in the house during autumn. Not just food, either. Other supplies that you think you may need during those awfully cold three months need to be bought and stored away (shampoo, bathing soap, detergent, pet food and stuff, motor oil, gasoline etc.).

Ice dams

You might want to buy a roof rake if you don’t want ice dams to accumulate onto your roof and then break gutters due its weight (don’t forget that they leak into your house and damage paint too). Inspect your roof regularly in case ice dams DO gather so you can easily clear them away with your rake.

Heating items

I’m sure you won’t forget this, since these are what keeps you warm and ALIVE during winter. Your heater should be fully-functioning while your blankets and clothes should be replaced with newer ones if they’re old and dusty.

Frozen pipes

Make sure to avoid these by keeping the thermostat at a steady temperature always. You don’t want frozen pipes. Frozen water in the pipes will damage them and once the ice melts in spring, the water will burst, filling your house with water. Do what it takes to keep that from happening.


There is always a possibility of a blackout during winter, which would be awful. That means that not only is there no light, but the heater will be dead too, freezing all your butts off. Have a generator ready in case that happens.

Winter storm prep

There is always a possibility of this happening too. Stock up on everything twice as much. More wood for the fireplace, a BETTER generator, bottled water and canned food stocked high and plenty, extra batteries and a first aid kit should be there. Don’t forget extra gas for your snow blower. Don’t slack off on your winter chores.