House Painting Errors And How To Avoid Them

Painting a home can be simple, when you know what you’re doing. If this is your first time, this article is well worth the read as it will outline common errors many painters make, even if they are a little more experienced.

Knowing about the common errors will help you get things right first time round so you can avoid repainting or having to call in the professionals to fix your handiwork. If you want to get things done professionally, however, this can be a great option, which means less work and a brilliant finish.

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House Painting Errors And How To Avoid Them

Avoiding these common house painting errors will help you end up with a finish you are happy with and will save you time, money and effort.

  • Choosing The Wrong Colors – Colour choice is a big factor in having a great finish. One of the most devastating errors you can make is to choose the wrong base paint. You have only looked at colour chips and to be honest, you didn’t get the correct feel for the shade you were really choosing. This can be an easy mistake to make and it means there are potential clashes going on even before you’ve picked up the paint brush. This can be avoided if you ask the paint store for a small sample so you can take it home and test it out on a small patch or even sheet of paper.
  • Not Using Primer – If you are choosing darker shades especially, primer is essential if you want to achieve the same colour you picked in the store.
  • Painting On Dirty Surfaces – If your surfaces aren’t 100% clean, it will show even when the paint is on. So, it’s worth cleaning them thoroughly before you put the paint on so that it doesn’t interfere with the clean finish and final results you want.
  • Not Prepping Surfaces Properly – When you think about flaking and peeling paint, this normally originates from people not properly getting the surface ready. This means you may need to scrap and sand down the wall before you add the paint or else it won’t stick well and will even cause issues down the line.
  • Not Having The Right Equipment – Not investing in the right tools for the trade can be another common downfall many people make. Either through underestimating the job or lack of experience, people often limit the tools in their kit. If you want to do it right, however, it’s best to have the right variety of rollers, brushes, paints and primers for the job.

Being aware of these common painting mistakes gives you a heads-up on the things you should not do when painting your own house.